Nail Bar: pedicure

Taking care of your feet is beauty and hygiene. Make it an unbeatable experience.
The Express
When you´re on the run, but you need to look immaculate…

In the blink of an eye, we will give your nails shape, moisturize your hands and polish all 10 fingernails with your favorite nail lacquer.

For men
Because MEN need some pampering too… smooth hands are a prerequisite!

The essential problem in male hands is the tendency towards very dry skin that can eventually lead to signs of aging. This is why our specific treatment focuses on working the deep cleansing and moisturizing needed, we remove the cuticles carefully and buff the nails to obtain its natural shine. To complete the treatment, we give you a relaxing hand massage, leaving you with a healthy and long lasting shine.

Gel Polish with Shellac

(Vegan and 7 Free to really take care of your nails)

For those of you that just don´t have the time to sit around… your prayers have been answered: a manicure that lasts up to two weeks and dries instantly.


With our complete manicure or pedicure ritual you’ll get a radiant skin and heavenly cuticles. CND Shellac is a unique technology that combines the ease of applying a nail laquer with the durability of a gel, and preserving the health of your nails. This semi-permanent nail polish is a women’s best friend, specially for those of us who are addicted to perfect nails, no chips and a long lasting shine… look no further! Made for woman with little time on her hands, this is priceless find.

Complete Pedicure 60 min. 59€
Express Pedicure 45 min. 40€
Just Gel Polish with Shellac 30 min. 25€

Antiox e Hydration with Chocolate
Chocolate becomes a pleasure and not a sin!

As we all know, chocolate is the best antioxidant. The main benefit of cocoa on the skin is gorgeous rejuvenation, as it has detoxifying and firming properties. The added values of this luxurious treatment are both the organic cocoa warm oil and chocolate scrub, which provides deep hydration. The cinnamon & cocoa cream at the end makes even tastier if possible. You’ll just love it!

The Complete
Ideal for those who have to look their best in a city that demands it!

Our NY Moment consists of the relaxing moment your feet and hands require from time to time. Delicious and complete with the basics: our fruity exfoliator and the aloe vera hand cream working deep into the skin leaving it smooth as silk. This moment includes: cuticle care, peeling and a short massage, finishing off with the nail lacquer of your choice and a moment to remember.

Hydrating, Purifying & Antiaging with Omorovicza
Now, you can have a deluxe manicure or pedicure thanks to the new beauty protocol by OMOROVICZA, a company whose concept is based in mineral cosmetics. Two revolutionary products are essential to this treatment: Gold Sugar Scrub and Gold Shimmer Body Oil. The first is a soft and natural exfoliator with a texture close to gold caviar. It will help energize and repair sensitive skin that has been damaged by the sun. The Terminalia Arjuna extraction in the scrub will help strengthen sensitive skin, while apricot oils and natural sugars softly and effectively exfoliate. The oil replenishes the skin and gives it the best glow.
The luxurious: detox, nourishes & hydrates
MCNY takes you to an exclusive and luxurious New Yorker summer getaway, The Hamptons.

Your hands and/or feet touch the heavenly seawater enriched with minerals, thus eliminating all impurities. We proceed to exfoliate dead skin cells and activate blood circulation to fully obtain nourished and soft skin with the Body Buffing Balm from Omoroviczca. The Dead Sea mud mask, rich in minerals and unique and exceptional therapeutic qualities, such as the revitalization of the epidermis and smooth, calming effects, is then applied. The treatment finishes with the exclusive Body Cream that contains essential oils that form part of the sensory experience, taking you to The Hamptons for that oceanfront relaxing beach moment.

Softens and Hydrates with Strawberry
Lets feed your feet with our Pink Passion treatment. Its main ingredient is the strawberry. This powerful fruit contains soft acids that will exfoliate the skin gently, penetrating the pores and removing impurities from your skin. It will leave a clean and fresh feeling that will last for hours. A perfect option if you want to look coquette and perfect with a skin properly hydrated and extremely soft.
Relaxing with lavender & Pressure Points Massage
Mi Calle de Nueva York has launched a new palliative treatment for tired and tense hands and feet due to the accumulation of stress and long working hours. S.O.S. is here to help! This special technique involves applying pressure to specific points of the foot or palm of the hand, while massaging and transmitting tranquility; we help you silence the mind while stimulating the natural regenerative process of the body. Its soothing effect acts on areas that are irritated or inflamed, hence helping to maintain balance and revitalize body and soul. The massage is applied with the essential oil, Andiroba, whose draining effect improves blood circulation. The protocol also incorporates a lavender peel and deep nourishing cream. This spa treatment is intended primarily for people who spend long hours sitting at the computer, suffering long hours standing, athletes, etc. We assure you that you will not regret it and it will be a new ‘must have’ that you won´t leave out of your monthly beauty routine.
Hot & Cold Treatment for tired legs / Swollen hands
Say good-bye to tired and heavy feeling feet and legs! It’s ideal for travellers, athletes, dancers, pregnant women… and those of us that suffer from bad blood circulation in our legs.

The experience starts off with immersing your feet in a warm milk enriched and vitamin filled bath. After the full pedicure, we proceed to exfoliate with a warm to cold shock-effect peeling and cover the legs with a cold-feel creamy mask. Followed by a relaxing soothing massage for tired legs that helps reactivate circulation and leaves the effect of a citrus cold in your legs for hours. Not only will you walk out with perfect nails, but also with legs you will want to show off!

And Now for your feet too!

Descongestion with jelly for tired feet
Looking for a new sensation? Soak your feet in this colorful “jello” bath and feel as though you have a whole new set of feet!

This is for tired, swollen, dehydrated and just achy feet. The best after the high heels, the hours of walking or after dancing all night long. You can choose to help your feet feel lighter with our Jelly Bath sensation. You will finish your pedi floating on air!

For runners

A special treatment created, with runners specifically in mind. This treatment will retain, rehabilitate, and prepare the feet of runners. Give your feet what they deserve after miles of running.

The PRE-RUNNING pedicure will give you short nails, done in a way that will prevent and protect them from common injuries, such as broken and ingrown nails. This process would not be complete without a treatment we call I.T.V., where the growth of the nails is controlled with a protector coating. The POST-RUNNING is just perfect after a race to regenerate and to improve venous congestion.

  • Pre – Running perfect 10K Pedicure: 45 min. 49€
  • Post – Running perfect 10K Pedicure: 70 min. 69€
  • I.T.V. Perfect 10K Pedicure: 60 min. 55€
  • Shellac Gel Polish + 20€
The Organic: deep hydration
The treatment begins by bathing your hands in Cleopatra’s Milk Bath: water enriched with organic milk, rose petals, and essential rose and jasmine oils. Then, we shape the nail and apply lemon and neem oils; the neem tree is known for its ability to strengthen the nail and its anti-fungal capabilities. You are then treated to a soft exfoliation with Cleopatra’s Body Scrub, the perfect combination of salt and sugar that softens and stimulates the circulation in the skin. We apply a relaxing karité organic cream, which fights dry and irritated skin. After, we’ll go with the polish color that you choose. All of them are minimum 3 Free! And the experience is finished in our Dry Bar.
The Detox: detoxifying and fortifying
It’s our #1 detox treatment. The secret is our main ingredient: the green tea. It contains polyphenols, which help to fight against free radicals and reduce the aging effects in the skin and nail. A special base coat is applied to reinforce and protect your nails. Both, the exfoliator and the mask, work against the pollution of the city, and hold the nutrients in your hands.
The fortifying: Get your nails back!
A technique originally used by the Japanese Aristocracy 400 years ago, this treatment will give your nails a second chance. Our nails need time to heal and repair themselves after the damage that can occur from frequent gel or acrylic manicures. The Japanese Manicure is a treatment that will rejuvenate and beautify your nails. We won’t use polish, but you’ll see the clean and luminosity of the healthiest nails.
Luxe with Dior
This new treatment uses Dior´s professional products to give you the Dior Devotee manicure and pedicure.

This treatment would not be complete without offering you to try some Dior´s signature perfumes: J´Adore, Eau de Parfum, Escale à Portofino, Eau de Toilette or Miss Dior Eau de Parfum. An exquisite addition to an exquisite night. It is an authentic couture pedicure at MCNY.


Remove Shellac 10€
Dry Fast spray 1€
Polish Change 12€
Fix one Broken Nail 5€

Nail Decoration from 3€
Relaxing Massage 10 Min. 15€

Chanel, Dior, Nars, Tom Ford and D&G Laquer / Vinylux: 5€/service

Paraffin Bath 12€