BROW BAR&Make up

The latest American trend. And to finish, your ideal makeup.

Eyebrow retouch 13€

Eyebrown tint
Application of vegetable dyes before performing the eyebrow design.
Lash tint
Fully vegetal coloration that pigments the eyelash from the root to the tip. Duration between 3 and 4 weeks.
Lash lifting
It is the Wonderbra for eyelashes! It elevates the eyelashes in a natural way working only half a millimeter of the eyelashes so the eyelashes do not suffer any deterioration. The session is finished with a vegetable dye in black, brown, eggplant or bluish black. Duration between 5 and 7 weeks.
Keratin Lash lifting
It’s a more complete treatment for the lash lifting that includes different molds so you can go further choosing the shape you want for your eyelashes. And it includes a keratin treatment to keep the health and strength of your lashes in a maximum level.
Beauty Brow  20€
Frown  6€
Eyebrown design
Looking for perfection when you have your eyebrows done. The process includes the mapping of the eyebrows that allows us to see exactly the natural shape that suits you so we can personalize the treatment and work with the maximum accuracy.
It is the combination of eyebrow design and eyebrow dye.

Eyebrow Design 27€

Smoothed Eyebrows
Technical work with different products that change the structure of a wavy, curly or swirling eyebrow to a smooth and disciplined finish.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint 32€

Bleach eyebrows (Surfer style) 15€
Brow Spa  20€
Casual Brow Pack (Browshapping + Dye eyelashes)  67€

Sophisticated Brow Pack (Desing + Lifting)  82€

Sophisticated Brow Pack (Browshapping + Lifting)  92€

Sophisticated Brow Pack (Design + Lifting Keratine)  102€

Sophisticated Brow Pack (Browshapping + Lifting Keratine)  112€

Brow Pack Perfect Structure  50€

Brow Pack Perfect Structure with dye  60€

Make up Themed Class 25€
Make Up Retouch (less than 30min)  38€
Expert Make up 68€
One to one Make Up Class (with your bag)  60€
Bride to be (make up rehearsal) 50€
Bride Weeding Day Make up 120€